The Dimensions of the Great Pyramid of Giza
55.6898 is the most important dimension in the Pyramid interior. It is used on all
horizontal measurements, and gives the length 124.5262 and is also responsible for
the base length, the height and the slant height of the Pyramid.
124.5262 is also very important it is used in all interior angular measurements.
Ratio12:1        ALL Pyramid interior and exterior dimensions are dictated by this ratio,

Height 479.9365                Base Length 756                Slant Height 610.9194                Entrance Height 55.6898

Both passages in this design are 26.565º

The twelve to one ratio is 668.2776 to 55.6898.

The Entrance height from the base, 55.6898 is the secret of the Pyramid. It is the base dimension for all interior horizontal    
and angular dimensions   

The triangle 43.8615,  55.6898,  70.8885  constructs the Pyramid exterior and is derived from the 12:1 ratio.

43.8615 X 8.618033 = 378 half base.

55.6898 X 8.618033 = 479.9365 height.

70.8885 X 8.618033 = 610.9194
As the Ascending Passage rises toward the Great Gallery and the Great Step it passes through the Northern half of the 12:1
Ratio.  This part of the 12:1 ratio is 334.1388, the intersection point is 167.0694. The Queen's Chamber is 69.6123 above
the base and intersects the Ascending Passage at precisely the center of the passage line, Base to the Great Step.
The top of the Great Step is 69.6123 above the Queen's Chamber Passage. The height of the Great Step from the base is
139.2245. The length of the Queen's Chamber Passage is 139.2244, 2.5 X 55.6898 ratio 2.5:1.
The length 125.3021 is the vertical height from the intersection to the top of the Great Step and is 2.25 X 55.6898.
311.3152 is 2.5 X 124.5262, the length from the Base to top of the Great Step.
This print shows that the length 124.5262 was broken into smaller segments of 31.1316. The Descending Passage is
broken into four equal parts, and the length of 31.1316 is also used in higher parts of the Ascending Passage. It is
expected that 31.1316  will be broken down to smaller ratios for certain smaller dimensions.
This print shows 124.5262 broken up into smaller ratios. 31.1316 is one quarter of 124.5262. The Pyramid was built
using the lengths 55.6898 and 124.5262 as the basis for ratios both above the value and below. This system of using
certain varying lengths and varying ratios was extremely simple but extremely accurate. Above all it required genius and
tremendous building skill. This design compared with the Pyramid measurements completed  by archaeologists shows
how accurately the
ancient Egyptians designed and built this wonderful structure. It is not as accurately built as is it is
usually made out to be but it is very accurate. For its size the smaller variations are of no consequence.
Spend some time studying the ratios, they are simple but ingenious.
55.6898 is a value that cannot be ignored. The following print shows how it was used to attain the positions that the
Egyptians wanted to attain. It also shows how prolific the value was in the interior. 55.6898 values are shown in
No doubt this Design and its results will be scorned by many but negative words will not change the facts. Work on these
pages until you come to understand the ancient way of thinking. Accept the Pyramids small differences. Remember that
today we do not have a building anywhere on earth that is not without inaccuracies, even with the scientific knowledge that
is available to us today. The designers and builders using the mathematics of that era built beautiful buildings and structures
better than we can today using our best science. We still do not know how they built the Great Pyramid for example.

For those who are truly interested there is much more to be done, much more to investigate, much more to be found.
Most of the ground work has been done but look at the smaller items, the passage height for instance or the chamber
dimensions, see if you can find the dimensions there in the smaller sizes. It is almost certain that ratios using 55.6898 and
124.5262 will be found in those structures. If you would like to share contact me. Thank you. .....
.Bill McMaster.
And the Pharaoh said "Keep it simple". And It was. And it was done.

              ©Copyright 2012 William McMaster All rights reserved

A Modern Day Design Using Modern Day  Dimensions
Keep in mind the comparisons between the design and the actual measurements:
Kings Chamber floor height from the base--------Difference--------1.6242
Queen's Chamber floor height from the base---- Difference--------0.0472
Entrance floor height from th base------------------ Difference--------0.0065
2.5 X 55.6898
2.5 X 55.6898
55.6898      55.6898       55.6898        5.6898        55.6898        55.6898
1.25 X 55.6898
The Pyramid Half Base, the Slant Height and the Perpendicular Height. Showing the relationship with 8.618.
The Pyramid Dimensions as You Have Never Seen Them Before
The Ascending Passage starts at the intersection with the Descending Passage. It rises at an angle of 26.565º and meets the
Great Step at its top point. In reality the Ascending Passage meets the Great Step lower down (approx 3). This discrepancy
makes an argument that there was a mistake made as this passage rose. There is also the possibility that another structure
was placed on top of the passage floor so that the passage floor would meet the top of the Great Step.
Starting at the Entrance 55.6898 above the ground the Descending Passage slopes down at 26.565º for a
distance of 124.5262 at the base level. The measurement 83.5347 is the horizontal distance between the
Entrance and the intersection of the Descending and Ascending passageways. 83.5347 / 55.6898 = 1.5.
Every angular measurement is governed by the length 124.5262 as shown in the following print.
124.5262 is the dimension of the length of the Descending Passage to the Base from the entrance to
the base level and is utilized in the Ascending Passage.
This print shows how the value 55.6898 (Entrance height from the base) interacts with the vertical, hypotenuse and the base.
              The Vertical Height = 55.6898 X 8.618 = 479.94.
              The Slant Height     = 55.6898 X 8.618 =  610.92.
              Half Base                 = 55.6898 X 8.618 =  378.

               Why would the designer use dimensions like this? What is it? What is it meant to do?
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